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Hurt, Insane, Possibly going crazy.

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1 Hurt, Insane, Possibly going crazy. on Thu Jul 19, 2012 12:48 am


GirlSense Moderator
GirlSense Moderator
Help Help Help Help.
I am scared, Okay so I have been seeing things, ghost maybe? No one else I'm with seems to see it.
I'm hurt, all my friends are leaving me behind, I'm just scared that they all might forget about me. I'm just really sad and scared.

Advice anyone?

"The world looks so much better from up here"

2 Re: Hurt, Insane, Possibly going crazy. on Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:54 am


Girlsense & Drawing & Cooking & Bookclub Moderator
Girlsense & Drawing & Cooking & Bookclub Moderator
Star =).. Your not going crazy, sometimes your mind can play tricks on you and you'll swear your seeing something/someone, but it isn't really there. No ones going to ever forget about you, I was actually just talking about you the other day =) Things online may seem a little on the dead side but we are all still here, Doodle,Mid and I are all on DA. I'm not sure about the other members but I have a feeling someday they will all remember and come back.

As for real life, they may all be busy with school, once it's more into the school year i'm sure things will be back to normal ^-^

Gives Star a nice soft Cow** ^_^

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Asteria or Star LOL (:

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